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Bachelor's Degree Programs

Why earn a Bachelor’s Degree at a college?

  1. Bachelor's Degrees offered by Ontario's Colleges deliver a unique combination for students who like to learn not only with their eyes and ears, but also with their hands.
  2. College Degree learners put theory to practice, to develop skill and knowledge specifically targeted to their field of study. Graduating with a College Bachelor's Degree, they are immediately ready to succeed in their chosen career.
  3. A College Bachelor’s Degree provides you with an education that combines the best of current university and college level studies, including comprehensive theory and practical experience required by employers and a career-focused education.
  4. Learn from highly qualified faculty professors who want to see you succeed, and provide individual, personal support.

The benefits

  • Co-op work experience and hands-on training before graduation
  • Exact skills and knowledge employers want
  • Direct entry to the field of choice
  • Small classes for focused, interactive learning
  • Graduate studies options
  • Bursary and scholarship opportunities
  • Professors with a unique combination of academic qualifications, industry connections, and professional designations
  • Recognized by the Ontario College of Teachers as an "acceptable postsecondary degree" for admission consideration

Graduate Certificate Programs

Enroll in a short, intensive Graduate program designed to add the practical, hands-on skills necessary to compete in today's tough job market.

These advanced studies programs are designed for people who already have a college diploma or university degree, or for those who have extensive career experience, usually about five years, but lack formal educational credentials.

Graduate programs are 1 year long. Please check individual program pages for campus location and start dates.

Questions? Email [email protected]

Co-op Programs

Co-operative (Co-op) Education involves the combination of academic study with work terms. Students alternate periods of time spent in school with work experiences outside the college.

Co-operative Education paid work terms provide students with an opportunity for substantial work experience that focuses on academic and personal goals. Through individual counseling, classroom instruction and workshops, students study the skills required to seek employment in today's job market.

How do I get a co-op job?

For more information about obtaining a co-op job, or for other questions about co-operative education, please visit NC Employment Support at