Reduced Tuition for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who require the accommodation of a reduced course load due to the impact of a documented disability may be eligible to have tuition fees reduced for the final courses needed to complete their program.

What students need to know:

  • You should pay the same amount of tuition fees for a program as other students without a disability, if you were required to complete any semester on a reduced course load.
  • To be eligible, you must have a permanent disability with supporting documentation.
  • This policy only covers 1 program, even though you may have changed programs over the time you were registered.
  • If you are on a reduced course load as an accommodation and have paid the equivalent of full tuition for the program, you will only be charged $20 per course plus college ancillary, course materials, and on-line learning fees, until you complete your program.
  • This policy covers only courses that you completed successfully and for which you paid. It does not cover courses that you need to take again due to late withdrawal or unsuccessful completion.

Contact Accessibility Services

You may be eligible for the reduced tuition fee policy for students with permanent disabilities. Please make an appointment with a Disability Counsellor in Accessibility Services to discuss.

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