Admission Decisions

Admission Decisions for Open Programs

  • Applications are evaluated based on published admission requirements.
  • When the applicant provides proof of meeting the requirements, an offer of admission can be issued, provided space is available in the program.
  • Where a required course is in progress at the time of evaluation, a decision will be rendered upon receipt of course enrolment.
  • Offers of admission granted where one or more admission requirements are in progress will be conditional upon successful completion of the requirement.
  • A conditional offer of acceptance will be revoked if proof of completion of all requirements is not received by the Admissions Office before the start of classes.

For specific dates check the earliest admission offer date for competitive programs.

Admission Decisions and Selection and Ranking for Competitive Programs

A program is considered competitive when the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number required to fill the program.

  • Applications, as well as proof of all admission requirements, must be received by the Admissions Office according to the deadlines listed under application deadlines to Niagara College, available at
  • Applications received on or before the application deadline will be equally considered, based on published admission requirements and residency priority.
  • Selection is based on the average of final grades in required courses and, where required, pre-admission test scores, audition or portfolio evaluations.
  • The highest senior level final grade available at the time of evaluation is considered.
  • Mid-term grades are not considered for competitive programs however, where the required grade 12 course is in progress, grade 11 final grades will be used for ranking.
Example 1:

When an applicant is enrolled in a required grade 12 Math, and has no previous final grade for grade 12 Math at the time of evaluation, ranking is based on the final grade for grade 11 Math at the appropriate level. Offers of admission granted in this circumstance will be conditional upon successful completion of the required grade 12 Math.

Example 2:

When an applicant is enrolled in a required grade 11 or 12 Chemistry, and has no previous final grade for grade 11 or 12 Chemistry at the time of evaluation, the applicant will not be considered for admission to a competitive program. Final grades must be available at the time of evaluation.


Applicants currently attending a semestered secondary school are strongly encouraged to complete the subject-specific requirements for the programs to which they are applying in the first semester of their final year or during their 3rd year of studies in order that final marks for these courses may be used in the selection. This is particularly important for programs requiring SCH4C where no grade 11 Chemistry mark can be used in selections.

Waiting Lists

  • A waiting list is established when there are more eligible applicants than available space in a program.
  • Your position on the waiting list is determined by your evaluation score compared to other applicants, or by your application date if you have applied after the application deadline.
  • Your waiting list status is valid until the fifth day of classes and does not carry over to future terms.
  • Should space become available in the program, wait listed applicants will be contacted by the Admissions Office.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide accurate contact information; including mailing address, email address and phone numbers.

Denials of Admission

  • Applicants may be denied admission when the program and/or waiting list is filled, or when proof of all admission requirements has not been submitted by the required due date.
  • Applicants wishing to make a formal appeal can follow the Appeal of Academic Decisions policy & procedure found on our website at


  • Students who wish to be readmitted to the first semester of any program must apply to
  • Standard application rules and deadlines, as well as admission requirements for the current application cycle will apply.
  • Students wishing to return to a term other than the first term of a program may contact Enrolment Services for further information by calling 905-735-2211 ext. 7500 or emailing [email protected].

Deferrals of Admission

  • A deferral of admission may be considered on an individual basis under extenuating circumstances.
  • Applicants must submit their request in writing to the Admissions Office.
  • Applicants must meet all program admission requirements for the start date they wish to defer to.
  • If a deferral is requested to the next application cycle, a new application and payment of the application fee at Ontario Colleges will be required.
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