Student Rights and Responsibilities Office

Welcome to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office (SRRO)

The SRRO manages reports of non-academic student violations to the Student Code of Conduct and/or other non-academic applicable policies governing students. The SRRO uses an educational approach to assist students in understanding their rights and responsibilities which contributes to a positive student experience while maintaining a safe and respectful environment. All students are expected to act responsibly and uphold standards of conduct that form the basis for good citizenship which includes civilityresponsibility and respect.

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SRRO operations are being managed in-person and virtually. The SRRO will meet with students via phone conferencing or in-person for scheduled appointments. If you have any questions, concerns, or to file a report of misconduct, please email [email protected].

Important: Students are required to monitor their Niagara College email and respond to requests to meet with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office (SRRO).

Netiquette Tips for Online Classrooms

It is important to remember that proper online etiquette (also known as “Netiquette”) helps to maintain a respectful online educational environment. This document outlines your professors’ expectations for your online classroom.

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